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Current Workshops

Four of the Most Popular Workshops by Cienna Rizza of TDLI:

Belly Dance and Sexuality; A History of Sex & Sensuality Through Movement.

Belly Dance at its core is a dance historically rich in feminine power through sexuality and sensuality, Of knowing the body and movements that incite thoughts of passion and mystery, desire and longing in those who witness it. From the Sultan’s Harem, to the modern bedroom, sensual Dance and Belly Dance have been synonymous.

Through practical breakdown of technique, verbal History and Powerpoint presentations, this workshop will give participants a taste of personal power through sensual expression of belly dance. From Tribal through Cabaret, Fusion through Gypsy Style and all Dance in-between, the postures, movements, combinations and artistic tools to enhance and create dance style that will allow students to more fully embrace their own sexual magnetism, mystery and sensual pull through their performances, either solo or company.

The workshop contains historical and artistic references and information, a break down of basic technique and combinations, putting emphasis on Body posture, sensual serpentine movements, eye contact and facial expressions, as well as spiritual and personal aspects of dancing “within”.  No props are necessary for this workshop, however, props that students feel enhance their sensual movement such as veils are welcome.  Suitable for all levels & styles of dance.

Sufi 101; Spotting, Spinning and Turns

Transcendent Turns.
Essential to all belly dance styles and traditions is the Turn. Held in historical reverence, turning represented the sacred spiral of Life’s Journey, and many mystic and cultures, including the Sufi Mystics of the ancient Middle East, used fast spinning as a means of prayers and meditation. Today, Belly Dance would not be the same with out pin-point turns and the swirl of skirts and hair in Whirling Dervish fashion!
Join Cienna Rizza, Director of Tribal Dance Long Island on a journey of Movement. Refine your approach to spinning and polish your turns, learning spotting techniques that will transform how you approach this beautiful and essential belly dance movement.
Workshop includes Technique, Drills, Combinations, Individual Instruction, and Choreography. Designed for all levels and styles of Belly Dance, this workshop is also designed for Instructors to help enhance teaching technique for this often difficult concept.

Finding the Divine; Belly Dancing to Connect with YOUR Inner Goddess.**

Research has shown that women who belly dance have more self confidence, self worth and personal empowerment than those of their non-dancing counterparts. In fact, the allure of belly dance to support a greater concept of self-confidence and self-actualization has been the primary reason for the longevity of this form of Dance.

Historically, Belly dance was also performed for women, by women, to support each other and reaffirm bonds of sisterhood and feminine Culture, often in ancient, Goddess centered cultures.

This workshop examines concepts of Goddess culture within the movements themselves, both modern and ancient. From movements, combinations and choreography that mimic the arc of the moon’s path to sexual expression, fertility and ancient worship. All this coming full circle to the Power of the divine Feminine in each one woman.

All styles of Belly Dance and All level of students welcome.
**This Workshop contains historical references to Goddess Culture and is Spiritual in Nature, as it approaches the concept of Belly Dance from an Ancient Spiritual View.
Tribal Movements; Working within a Troupe.

Who moves where? Who moves what? How do I move in formations?
For most Belly Dancers, the dance experience is a solitary one. Choreographed or improvised solos, an expanse of floor just for them…
But how do you move in a troupe/group setting, what placements are best for odd numbers and exactly what is “Tribal Campfire” Dancing and why is is SO MUCH FUN?!?!?

Welcome to the Tribe! This workshop examines the pitfalls and nuances of moving as one within a group setting, symmetrical and asymmetrical movements for a group setting, synchronized combinations and optimal dancer placements. All this is done through the fun and exciting ”Campfire” style of Tribal Fusion which is an improvisational follow along where the dancers follow a “point lead” and mimic movements. As well as ending with set choreography for the whole group.

Past Workshops & Seminars:

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Goddess Dance; Ancient Prayer Dance in Personal Practice
Public Speaking ; Non-Verbal Communication, Audience relationships & Eye Contact.
Public Speaking for Small Audiences & The Business Professional
Public Speaking 101 ( Three Day Intensive, designed for the corporate professional)
Self Acceptance Through Performance within the youth LBGT Community. (Geared towards Theater/Performance Teachers)
The Use of Humor in the Classroom
Women’s Empowerment; a Journey of Success Through Self Acceptance.
Sacred Henna, Intention through Tattoo
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