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The Diabetic Dancer

Diabetic Care and Dancing!!

I have been dancing since I was three years old, I have always been what I considered a “non-traditional” athlete, since as a kid, everyone saw football and baseball as sports but never ballet, tap or jazz. However, I did!! I have always been physically active and very diligent in my quest for health, so upon being given what sounded like a death sentence…type two diabetes, I thought my life was over. I had been sick..very sick, Lyme’s disease from a tick bite and subsequent heavy treatment with antibiotics and steroids left me weak, obese, in pain and depressed. But it was dance, not just ANY dance, my beloved belly dancing which pulled me through the darkest hours and helped me to not only FIGHT this disease, but conquer it!! Through dance and diet, I have been able to lose the weight from the insulin, much weight from the steroids, discontinue all my insulin and manage my sugar to within healthy levels.

I am LIVING proof that this disease can be over come!!

So join us, Tribal Dance Long Island, for a celebration of dance at Dancing for Diabetes at the Patchogue Theater on Sunday February 17th ( see Event page for details) This event will feature amazing dancers from local dance schools to support education, research, awareness and prevention of this disease. Through awareness and education you too can help put an end to this life altering condition which is rampant in our world.

For my own personal journey, come join me at dance class…allow what I have been through and the challenges I face daily in my quest for a cure, not just for me, but all people with diabetes be the inspiration that pulls you through the slump I have known all to well..

Today is the day, the time is NOW to be the you that you want to be!!

Join Us…

With Love and devotion,


Tribal Dance Long Island & Caravan Connection NY