The Power of a Positive Body Image | Tribal Dance Long Island

The Power of a Positive Body Image

The POWER of a Positive Body Image.

I am not perfect. (But I still DANCE)

No one is. Even those we deem perfect in magazines and television have flaws that they wish they did not own, or that photo editors feel the need to air brush and photo shop. However, life does not come equipped with photo shop for real life, living and breathing existence.

We have two ourselves as we are and work towards REALISTIC improvement, or wallow in self pity and take our misery, never really celebrating life, to the grave.

One thing is for certain. Life is finite. WE have an expiration date. This is NOT a reason for depression or sadness, it is a reason to celebrate, to live each life in joyful gratitude that we are able to experience a new day, a new moment , and new adventure.

So often, I am approached by women who tell me it has always been their dream to Belly dance, but they are too fat, too old, too skinny, to diabetic, too busy, they don’t want to show their stomach, etc. This is fear holding them back. The number one in that laundry list, always comes back to…”too fat”.

The saddest part is that these amazing woman have NO IDEA how beautiful they is, in the skin they have, at that moment. They have forgotten HOW to celebrate, they have forgotten what true beauty really is, that beauty is not made up of iron abs or a perfect unblemished face, no, is comprised of JOY. And the pure unadulterated JOY that belly dancing brings is both an inner and outer transformation. So ladies, I invite you to celebrate JOY with me, love yourself in your own skin, allow that JOY to make you grow, to make you glow, to make you whole. Belly Dance, in the way it way it was meant to be danced, in primitive celebration of who you are in all your tribal glory…a WOMAN. THIS Joy, this love and personal acceptance is the power of a Positive Body Image. THIS JOY makes you unstoppable and breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!

Beyond that…CARPE DIEM!.. Seize the day.