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Tribal Costume Creation

Interesting Costume facts about our designs…

* They are Heavy! There is no plastic in our costumes, all beads are read stone, crystal and metal, shell and wood. In keeping with Nomadic and tribal culture, we adorn them authentically. However, the weight is built into the design and the bra and belt are designed that the dancer does not really feel it. Belts are designed with a woman’s curves in mind to absorb the weight through ergonomic design.

* Details make the costume! We work with each dancer to create a costume that is unique within the tribal and ethnic feel, but still with enough bling that the dancer feels like royalty.

* Tribal costumes mimic what you would find in Nomadic North Africa and the Middle East. Keeping these histories and cultures at hear, you will find tassels, like what would adorn their horses, mixed metals..bronze, antiques pewter, copper, shells, and we only use REAL coins minted in the Middle East, India and Pakistan.

* Standard Tribal Costumes usually include a Bra, a belt (well adorned), an over-skirt and full harem pants, which equals LOTS of Fabric. Often for authenticity , tasseled belts and vintage scarves are added to the hips form multi-layers..not very revealing except for a small amount of belly. This is often surprising for dancers coming from Cabaret which shows lots of leg and does not have as much fabric.

* Tribal costumes within a troupe may have a uniform style, but it is usually expected that each dancer’s costume be unique unto her own personality when it comes to accouterments, color and head wear.

* Tribal of the BEST parts of the costume, is being able to year cowrie shells, feathers, flowers, yarn and tassels in your hair. Unlike Cabaret, which does many flying hair and head moves, Tribal has more proper posture of the neck and head, using props like swords, canes and candles to show off balance. So more elaborate head gear can be indulged upon!